Skate to School Year Finish Line

The summer season is almost here, which means that – believe it or not – the school year is drawing to a close. Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? As lesson books close and pencils are put down until fall, only one final question remains: Where’s the end-of-school party?

Why Fun Spot is the Best Spot for End-of-School Parties

  1. kids leaving schoolRoller skating is fun for all ages. No matter what age your kid and her friends may be, everyone is bound to love a day of play at Fun Spot. Roller skating is an activity that’s been around for ages because it’s a blast for everyone . . . and that’s not going to change anytime soon!
  2. Partying at Fun Spot is more than just mindless fun. When your child’s class spends the day at Fun Spot, they’re not just having fun. Roller skating is great exercise, meaning that your child gets all the active playtime he or she needs to stay energized!
  3. A day of fun at Fun Spot won’t break the bank. While some class field trips may require you to sign form after form or put down a lot of money, Fun Spot’s group and party rates are affordable for schools in Belleville.

This school year has undoubtedly been filled with joy, learning and new friendships. So why not celebrate all of those things outside the classroom with one final party to cap off the school year? Fun Spot is the perfect place to host your child’s end-of-school-year party. Learn about party and group rates, or call us today and to set up your child’s end-of-school party.

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