The Force Is Strong with This Party

There’s only one kind of party that beats a skating party . . . a themed roller-skating birthday bash! Themes are a fun way to get kids excited, show off your creativity, and add some fun decorations to your celebration. You can even ask the kids to dress up! What kids party themes are trending this year?

4 Awesome Kids Birthday Trends

  1. Pokémon. The pocket-monster trend may have died out with the older crowd, but for kids, it’s still alive and well. This is great news for parents for two reasons: it encourages adventures and it makes a great birthday party theme!
  2. crayonsA book bash. Does your child love Pete the Cat or The Day the Crayons Quit? Encourage their love of reading and get an awesome party theme while you’re at it. Hand out goody bags of used crayons, taping a funny “I quit” note to each one. Have the kids share why they love their white (or black, or brown) skates. Ask parents to send their child’s favorite book as a birthday gift, or put the birthday kid’s favorite book in the goody bags.
  3. Star Wars. In a galaxy far, far away you had a Star Wars birthday party. Now it’s your child’s turn! The Force is strong with this franchise, and the theming options are endless.
  4. Emoji party. Think text-speak is just for teens? Think again! Kids love smiley faces, heart-eyes emojis, and the potty humor classic, the poop emoji.

It’s time to celebrate! Book a skating party at Fun Spot and get ready to show off your party’s special style.

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