4 Reasons Roller-Skating Is Good Exercise

Year after year people make New Year’s resolutions to hit the gym. Whether their goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply live a healthier lifestyle, they have one thing in common: around the last week of January, their weekly trips to the gym start to peter out. The trouble is that these men and women haven’t yet discovered that working out can be fun. If your goal for 2015 is to get in shape, make a date with Fun Spot for fun fitness in Belleville.

4 Reasons Roller-Skating is Excellent Fitness

  1. roller-skatesIt’s expert approved. Doctors, scientists, and fitness magazines all tout the health benefits of roller-skating. Not only is skating excellent cardio, it builds endurance, strengthens the muscles, improves flexibility, improves heart function, and is low-impact on the joints. You may think of skating as “leg day,” but roller-skating works the legs, core, glutes, and even the arms. In just 1 hour of moderate roller-skating, an average-sized person can burn roughly 350 calories. Sounds like a worthwhile workout to us!
  2. It’s family friendly. Are you a busy mom with preschool aged kids? Are you looking for a way to get your middle schoolers moving? Roller-skating is the definition of “good, clean fun!” Swing by our matinee sessions for a little “mom time” or bring the whole family and get one step closer to your 2015 goals.
  3. It’s fun. Ready for a workout where you’re not counting the clock? We’ve got you covered! Roller-skating is a fun, interactive workout that helps you get in shape without worrying how many reps you have left. Simply strap on your skates and groove to the music! It’s so much fun you won’t even realize you’re working out!
  4. It’s individual. Tired of attending fitness classes where you’re the only one out of sync? Roller-skating fitness is go at your own pace. Each skater can choose how far and fast to push themselves. As you build your endurance, you’ll push yourself farther and farther. In the end it will amaze you how far you’ve come without realizing it!

Ready to take control of your health? Get active and have a blast with fitness skating at any of our normal skating sessions. For more information on cardio skating and planning private fitness parties, call Fun Spot skating center.

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