5 Fun Facts about Roller-Skating

Roller-skating has been around for centuries. It started as a party gag and evolved into the life of birthday parties across America. Roller-skating is the backbone of thousands of celebrations, reunions, and fitness classes every day. But there are hundreds of interesting roller-skating facts that most skaters don’t know. Here are Fun Spot’s 5 favorite roller-skating facts.

  1. roller skates in 1910It Started at a Party. Roller-skating is a party staple, and it’s no surprise when you learn its history. The inventor of roller-skates, John Joseph Merlin, debuted his wheeled shoes in 1760 at a fancy masquerade party. Unfortunately, Merlin forgot to practice first. He crashed within seconds, bruising his ego and starting the roller-skating craze.
  2. It’s Good for You. People tend to think fun activities and healthy activities don’t overlap, but the National Heart Association lists roller-skating as just as aerobically effective as running, swimming, and biking. The best part? Skating is low-impact, so you can protect your joints and burn 350-600 calories in an hour.
  3. All the Cool Kids are Doing It. Skating isn’t just for the little people. Celebrities of every era have proven their love of quad skating. Charlie Chaplin showed off his skating moves in many of his famous films. More recently, singers Katy Perry and Beyoncé have laced up their skates to hit the rink.
  4. It’s an Incredible Sport. Speed skating hasn’t made it to the summer Olympics yet, but many winter speed skaters got their start on wheels instead of blades. Over half of the 2014 Olympic team has competed in inline speed skating competitions.
  5. It’s Great for any Occasion. From birthday party entertainment to fast food delivery, roller-skates work just about anywhere. In fact, more than one couple has gotten married on skates in the middle of their favorite rinks.

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