All Laced Up and Everywhere to Skate!

Do you love trying new tricks at our afternoon skating sessions? Would you love to master jam skating or get involved with roller derby? No matter how much you love roller-skating, there’s something about buying your own skates that takes skating to the next level. And there’s no better time than summer vacation to break in your new set of wheels!

The Gift of Freedom

When you buy someone a pair of roller-skates, you’re not just giving them an athletic tool. Roller-skates are an expression of creativity and personality. You can purchase roller-skates for speed, maneuverability, or smooth skating. We sell skates geared for jam skaters, speed skaters, derby skaters, and casual skaters. Give a gift your child will love with comfortable, kid-friendly roller-skates, or remind your spouse of early dates with brightly colored roller-skates built for gliding. Whether you’re enjoying family skate night at Fun Spot or throwing an Illuminationz birthday bash, roller-skates make the perfect present for someone you love.

Fun Spot Skate Shop

heartthrob roller-skatesCustomize the style and precision of your skates any way you want it. We have fit and style experts on hand to help you pick out your first skates, replace an old pair, or update your classic quad skates for better performance. Not only do we sell customizable quad and inline skates, we also sell wheels, bearings, bags, gear, and a wide selection of accessories. Add starter skates to your kids’ birthday party for just $29.95, or buy your teenager sleek, comfortable Heart Throb skates for $84. Whether you have a need for speed or a fixation on style, Fun Spot Skate Shop has the right wheels for you.

For more information on purchasing roller-skates, call Fun Spot or stop by our Belleville Skate Shop.

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