We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday

girl blowing out birthday candlesA lot goes into a great birthday party. You need the right date, the right guests, and the right venue. You need gifts, food, cake, games, and supervision. You have to remember to snap pictures between mopping up spills and orchestrating events. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was done for you?

When you book a skating party at Fun Spot, all you need to worry about is having fun! Our parties include food and drinks, cake, fun and games, and complementary setup and cleanup. Each party is tailored to the needs of your event, giving your child the best birthday ever.

How to Throw the Best Skating Party Ever

  1. Pick a party package. We have birthday parties for every budget with plenty of add ons for extra fun.
  2. Book your party. Each event comes with 10 guests, 45 minutes in a private party room, and a full afternoon of roller-skating.
  3. Send out the invites. Ask for guests to RSVP by the week before the party. Give a copy of the guest list to your Fun Spot party hostess to guarantee your event runs smoothly.
  4. Talk to Fun Spot. Have a question about what to expect at a certified Fun Spot birthday bash? Don’t be afraid to ask!
  5. Think about presents. We don’t mean what to give your kid for their birthday (although roller-skates make a great gift at a skating party). Decide whether to open presents at the party or take them home. The kids may want to open presents at Fun Spot, but opening gifts can seriously cut into your skate time. Figure it out beforehand to save a meltdown after the cake.
  6. Don’t worry. This is supposed to be fun! Let us handle the party planning. You just worry about snapping pictures for grandma.

Book your birthday party online or call Fun Spot for more information on our 3D Illuminationz Birthday Party.

Birthday Party Image

Students Can Learn about the Science of Skating!

It’s that time of year again. Back to school sales are in full swing, and educators are digging into another year of lesson planning and classroom budgeting. Field trips are a fun way to keep kids engaged while giving them a fresh perspective on the lessons they learn in the classroom. Looking for a fresh adventure to reinforce STEM lessons? Book a field trip at Fun Spot skating center.

Benefits of STEM Lessons at Fun Spot

boy and girl doing science experimentsWe’re now booking STEM field trips for August, September, and throughout the fall. If you haven’t attended a field trip with us before, you may be wondering how skating helps kids master science. The truth is that there are plenty of STEM lessons in roller-skating. Our program offers a unique, hands-on approach to science, math, engineering, and technology, reinforcing the lessons kids learn in the classroom. Many students are kinesthetic learners, so the hands-on approach is a major plus in getting lessons to stick. And we tailor lessons to a variety of ages and curriculums, so that each teacher can get the most out of their time with us.

What to Expect from a STEM Field Trip

When you arrive at Fun Spot, the kids will meet our certified STEM instructor. For one hour the students will dive headlong into a learning adventure full of interactive education, tactile learning, and creative problem-solving. When the lesson ends, kids can break for lunch or a snack. Then they’ll have two hours of open skating to up the fun, keep them active, and give them a fresh perspective on the STEM lesson they just learned. Depending on the lesson you choose, your students may learn about:

  • Friction and motion
  • The science of light and sound
  • Rink design
  • Engineering roller-skates
  • Skating and physical fitness
  • and more

Book a STEM field trip for Belleville students by calling 618-234-4502 or emailing us at funspotrocks@sbcglobal.net.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Summer may be the perfect time to participate in outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, and going to the beach, but there’s another kind of activity that also defines the summer: family reunions. With children out of school, it’s not uncommon for relatives from near and far to gather together again for some family fun. But nobody wants to sweat it out at the park to catch up with family. If you’re looking for the perfect family reunion venue that both children and adults will enjoy, then Fun Spot skating center is the spot for you.

All For Fun, and Fun for All

roller skatesWhile the summer weather may seem like an ideal setting for a family reunion, sunny days can often be too hot, making the outdoors a difficult place to bring families together, especially ones with young children or elderly people. At Fun Spot, families can gather together for a day of catching up and roller skating. Skating is an activity that’s been around a long time because of how much fun it is for everyone! When you take advantage of Fun Spot’s group and party rates for your family reunion, you can plan an event that’s a perfect fit for everyone’s needs. Children will be to skate around on the rink and catch up with relatives that way while the grown-ups can reminisce on the sidelines or join the fun.
Fun Spot has something for everyone. By booking a family reunion here, you can get access to our roller skating rink, music, games, activities, food and drinks, and more! Let us put together the party package that best fits the type of celebration you and your family love most. Visit our Facebook page for more information, or contact us today to start planning your family reunion.

Shamrock the House

You don’t have to go green with envy. Teens may love Friday Night Skate and Dance, but everyone can get in on the fun of Fun Spot’s Shamrock the House on March 17th. Thank your lucky leprechauns it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day!

Fun Spot’s St. Patrick’s Day Skate and Dance

St. Paddy’s Day is almost here! And Fun Spot has so many Shamrocks Rocking the House, you’ll think you’ve hopped a plane to Ireland. We’re decking out our Friday Night Skate and Dance in green and gold. It’s double the fun (and double the chances to bring home St. Paddy’s Day prizes). Here’s what you need to know about St. Patrick’s Day Skating.

  • st patrick's dayJoin us for Shamrock the House on Friday, March 17th from 7:30-10:30pm
  • $8 admission for skaters, $2 skate rentals
  • Want to bring down the house? Dance ‘til dawn (okay, 11:30) for just $1 more
  • Wear green to win green! The greenest skater will win a trip into our Money Machine
  • Every skater will have a chance to win special prizes from our Pot of Gold
  • Get those eagle eyes ready. Leprechauns are quick, sneaky, and love hiding treasures. Join us on our Shamrock hunt to win secret prizes.
  • Who says beads end with Mardi Gras? Grab as many as you can during our St. Paddy’s Day bead throws!
  • Listen to brand new music, skate and dance to your favorite classic tunes, and have more fun than ever

Celebrate at Fun Spot skating center! We have plenty more special events coming up for spring and summer.

Mark Your Calendars for February Fun!

Don’t let the cold weather get you down! We have big fun in Belleville this February with special skating events at Fun Spot. Whether you’re ready to share the love at our Valentine’s Day Sk8 or you want to enjoy the freedom of President’s Day and Mardi Gras, Fun Spot skating center is the place to be!

President’s Day MEGA Skate

No school? Score! Celebrate the greatest leaders in our nation’s history with a day of fun and friends at Fun Spot. On Monday, February 20th we’re throwing a special all day skate event featuring all can you eat pizza, 6 hours of roller-skating, and plenty of games and special prizes. Here’s what you need to know about the President’s Day Mega Skate:

  • Monday, February 20th from 11am-5pm
  • $10 admission includes all you can eat pizza
  • Not skating? No prob! $5 admission gets non-skaters plenty of pizza and play
  • $2 skate rentals
  • Skating games, prizes, arcade fun, and more

Mardi Gras Party

mardi gras beadsYou don’t have to come from New Orleans to know how to party! We’re celebrating Mardi Gras with the skate event to end all skate events. It’s all about the beads!

  • Friday, February 24th from 7:30-10:30pm
  • $8 admission, $2 skate rentals
  • Candy toss
  • Beads, beads, beads

Whoever gets the most beads goes into the Mardi Gras machine! So how can you get ‘em? Bring your beads, buy your beads, or win your beads in skate games.

At Fun Spot skating center, we know how to have a good time. Make memories with roller-skating, day or night!

Mardi Gras Beads

Fun Spot Valentine’s Day Sk8

Love is in the air, hearts are everywhere you look, and Valentine’s Day candy tempts us from every corner of the grocery store. There’s no deny that the season of love is in full swing. Just roll with it!

Valentine’s Day Sk8

Are you looking for a date that’s out of the ordinary? Something that embraces the free spirit of the person you fell in love with? A fun night where you can share laughs, create memories, and just hang out with the person you love? Skip the crowded restaurants and cheesy movies this year. Come to Fun Spot for a roller-skating date! It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day activity, whether you’re laughing it up with your spouse, getting to know a new love, or just having a fun night out with your kids. We have the fun, the food, and the free prizes for winning our “games for two.” Here’s what you need to know about the Fun Spot Valentine’s Day Sk8:

  • heart drawingIt’s Friday, February 10th from 7:30-10:30pm
  • Admission is $8 with $2 skate rentals
  • We’ll have special “Just for Two” specials at the snack bar
  • Guess how many candy hearts are in the jar and win a prize for your special lady or gentleman
  • Get a candy “kiss” from the cashier when you come in
  • Show everyone you’re a power couple by winning Couples Limbo

Plan a Valentine’s Day date you’ll remember for years to come. Bring that special someone to Fun Spot this Friday for skating and games. They’re sure be making heart eyes at you all night!

Mark Your Calendars for Adult Night Skating

Let’s face it, being an adult can be a drag. Sometimes you need to get your roll on in order to get through the week. Those of you lucky enough to live in Belleville have the opportunity to do just that at the much acclaimed Fun Spot Skating Center.

three female friendsStarting January 4th, every Wednesday night will be adult skate night at Fun Spot. From 8-11 p.m. the 18+ crowd can enjoy a night of free wheeling fun on the classic maple wood rink. What better way for you to vanquish the mid-week stress than by strapping on some roller skates and going for a spin? With the DJ blasting the best skating music from yesterday and today, soon you’ll be on the fast track toward fun.

With a snack bar that is home to some of the tastiest pizza in Belleville, adult skate night at Fun Spot is certain to become your favorite mid-week ritual. Imagine the fun that you and a group of friends can have in the carefree environment that only a skating rink like Fun Spot can provide. Better still, make it a date night and relive your glory days with your significant other. Whether you’re 18, 38, or 78 — adult skate night will bring out the inner kid in you.

Just in case you need further incentive to take a spin next adult skate night, remember that roller-skating is good for your health. It’s comparable to jogging when it comes to burning calories.

Fun, laughs and a little exercise for the 18+ crowd — that’s what adult skate night at the Fun Spot Skating Center in Belleville is all about.

Achieve New Year’s Resolutions as a Family

Family New Year’s Resolutions are just as important as personal New Year’s Resolutions are. Why is that? The answer is clear. The health of kids is just as crucial as that of adults. There is no give and take here. Let 2017 be the year where family fitness becomes a priority for all the years to come.

How to Encourage Healthy Habits in Kids

happy familyHow can you encourage your children to have healthier habits and family fitness? As the parent and adult, you are the educator. Set the basic foundations of a healthy life for your sons and daughters. Parents are the most crucial source for affecting how kids feel about living a healthy lifestyle.  Moms and dads are mentors, role models, heroes, supporters, and more to their youngsters. Kids watch their parents’ every move and learn from their actions. Therefore, make sure to let your boys and girls see good and healthy actions, and avoid lifestyle choices that are sedentary and unhealthy. Show your kids how to make positive choices, not bad ones.

Get Moving as a Family

What are some fun suggestions for family fitness?

Do Commercial-cize. What does this mean? Watch a few hours of television during the week as a family fun night and when the commercials come on, get moving. This is a great way to exercise as a family. Do some quick push-ups, run in place, or do jumping jacks to get everyone up and moving for a bit.

Families that play together, stay in shape together. It’s a fundamental truth that active family fun impacts your entire life. Make sure to enjoy lots of fun times together that are exciting, loving, and memorable as a family unit. Roller skating is a great way to have lots of family fun and fitness, all in one. Fun Spot rocks for big fun and bigger health benefits. Ready? Go for it!

How to Make the Most of Fun Spot’s Annual Skate Sale

What’s the best kind of Christmas gift? The kind that’s as useful as it is fun! Roller-skates don’t just make kids happy (although who could deny those smiles?), they also encourage kids to spend time with friends, stay active, and work hard to master new skills. Want a gift your child will still love by next Christmas? Put a new pair of roller-skates under the tree this year!

Are Roller-Skates the Right Buy?

Skates are a great gift for any age, from toddlers to grandparents who want a fun way to stay active. Whether you’re shopping for a new skater, an experienced sport skater, or someone in between, we have the skates you need to light up their holiday. Ask yourself these questions:

  • white roller skatesDo they have skates already?
  • If not, what kind of skate would they like? Quad, inline, speed skates, jam skates, or artistic skates?
  • If so, do their skates need replacing?
  • What fun skate accessories would make a good stocking stuffer?

Christmas Skate Sale

Buying your child roller-skates isn’t just an investment in future fun—it will also save you money in the long run. You can bring your own skates to Fun Spot, which saves you money on rentals and gives your child a better fitting skate. We know you have a lot of people on your Christmas list this year. We’re making it easy to find the perfect gift with our annual Christmas Skate Sale. We’re marking down every skate in stock for the holidays. At Fun Spot, we sell inline skates, quad skates, and specialty skates from top-notch brands like Riedell and RC Sports. Just make sure you make your purchase before December 19th. Otherwise they won’t arrive in time for Christmas!

For more information on holiday family fun, skate sales, and other specials, call Fun Spot in Belleville.

Holiday Fun, Special Events, and Skate Sales, Oh My!

Do you feel the chill in the air? Do you have a spring in your step? Are you secretly stressing about everything you have to do before the holidays arrive? Don’t worry! Fun Spot is here to make the holidays brighter, fuller, and a little more manageable. What holiday family events will you find at Fun Spot this season?

Troll Roll

This is how we roll! Don’t ditch the kids for the madness of Black Friday shopping. Get your Troll Roll on at Fun Spot! We’re going big this Black Friday with team games (Bergens vs. Trolls), troll hunting, special prizes, coloring pages, and cupcake giveaways. Even better? If you see Troll Roll at the Historic Lincoln Theater, you can get a BOGO pass for Fun Spot’s Troll Roll Skate. Don’t miss it Friday, November 25th from 1-4pm. Admission is $8, skate rentals $2.

Holiday Skate Sales

boy in santa hatWant to give the gift of freedom, movement, and fun? Give your family roller-skates this year! We’re rolling back prices for a special Christmas roller-skate sale. But you don’t need to go crazy trying to shop during Troll Roll on Black Friday. Our skate sale lasts until December 19th, giving you plenty of time to play Santa before Christmas.

Holiday Family Fun

More hours, more fun, less stress for mom! Starting December 19th, we’re giving kids the freedom to play during the day. Spend a few hours skating with your kids, or send ‘em out to play while you check off the hundreds of items on your to-do list. When school is out, skating is in.

Holiday family fun rolls into Belleville next week! For more information on holiday skating, special hours, and our Christmas skate sale, call Fun Spot skating center.