Holiday Fun, Special Events, and Skate Sales, Oh My!

Do you feel the chill in the air? Do you have a spring in your step? Are you secretly stressing about everything you have to do before the holidays arrive? Don’t worry! Fun Spot is here to make the holidays brighter, fuller, and a little more manageable. What holiday family events will you find at Fun Spot this season?

Troll Roll

This is how we roll! Don’t ditch the kids for the madness of Black Friday shopping. Get your Troll Roll on at Fun Spot! We’re going big this Black Friday with team games (Bergens vs. Trolls), troll hunting, special prizes, coloring pages, and cupcake giveaways. Even better? If you see Troll Roll at the Historic Lincoln Theater, you can get a BOGO pass for Fun Spot’s Troll Roll Skate. Don’t miss it Friday, November 25th from 1-4pm. Admission is $8, skate rentals $2.

Holiday Skate Sales

boy in santa hatWant to give the gift of freedom, movement, and fun? Give your family roller-skates this year! We’re rolling back prices for a special Christmas roller-skate sale. But you don’t need to go crazy trying to shop during Troll Roll on Black Friday. Our skate sale lasts until December 19th, giving you plenty of time to play Santa before Christmas.

Holiday Family Fun

More hours, more fun, less stress for mom! Starting December 19th, we’re giving kids the freedom to play during the day. Spend a few hours skating with your kids, or send ‘em out to play while you check off the hundreds of items on your to-do list. When school is out, skating is in.

Holiday family fun rolls into Belleville next week! For more information on holiday skating, special hours, and our Christmas skate sale, call Fun Spot skating center.

Is It Time to Replace Your Child’s Roller-Skates?

The leaves are changing, the air is getting colder, and holiday events are popping up at Fun Spot. Christmas will be here before you know it. But before Christmas comes holiday sales, like the annual Fun Spot skate sale. If your child loves roller-skating, there’s no better gift than a pair of skates. After all, skating is fun, it encourages kids to stay active, and it makes a great family play day. But what if your child already owns roller-skates?

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Skates

  • child's shoesThey’re too small. We know you want to squeeze a few more months out of those skates, but it’s not worth the pinched toes. Take advantage of our holiday skate sale and buy your kid a pair of skates that fits.
  • They’re old or deformed. You can replace individual parts like wheels or toe stops, but if the boots are starting to crack, the skate rubs or slips, or the footpad has an odor that just won’t go away, it’s time for a new pair.

Roller-Skating Accessories

If your kid’s skates still have some life in them, there are plenty of other fun gifts to be found at Fun Spot. Here are a few Christmas skate gear ideas:

  • Pop a wheelie. We have hard and soft wheels (for speed skating and tricks), colorful wheels, sparkly wheels, and even glow wheels. Wheels make great gifts and stocking stuffers for kids who love to skate.
  • Take your child’s skates to the next level with new bearings. Skate bearings affect your child’s speed and maneuverability.
  • Replace the laces with something fun or colorful.
  • Buy bright socks and help your skater make a statement.
  • Invest in some quality rink time with Skate Passes for your child’s Christmas stocking.

Looking for holiday family events in Belleville? Call Fun Spot to learn more about our upcoming events.

Costume Fun for the Children’s Halloween Skate

With Halloween less than two weeks away, it’s costume crunch time. How can you find a costume that strikes just the right note of sweet, silly, or spooky for the Fun Spot Halloween skating party? Of course, your kids don’t have to dress up . . . but that’s the fun of the costume parade! If you need a little skating costume inspiration, have no fear. Fun Spot has you covered with these last-minute Halloween costume ideas.

Halloween Family Fun in Belleville

child halloweenIf you need a costume, first you need an event. We’ve got you covered there, too! Teens and tweens will love skating, dancing, and hanging out with friends at Halloween Skate and Dance on Friday, October 28th from 7:30-10:30pm. Want to keep your younger kids “fright-free”? Don’t miss our Children’s Halloween Party on Saturday, October 29th from 1-5pm, featuring:

  • Family-friendly fun (no scary stuff here!)
  • Halloween games
  • A costume parade
  • A screaming contest
  • A candy toss

Find the Perfect Skating Costume

First, keep in mind that your kids will be roller-skating, scrambling for candy, and being their silly selves at Fun Spot’s Children’s Halloween Party. Yes, a mini Rubik’s Cube costume may be cute, but you’ll want to plan for costumes that give them a full range of motion. Here are a few other tips to finding an easy kids Halloween costume (without slacking on the cute-factor):

  • Shop thrift stores. You never know what you’ll find!
  • Get creative! You’d be amazed at what you can make with plain clothes and a few simple props. For example: pin pale pink balloons to light-colored clothes for an instant bubble bath. You can also dress your child in all black (ninja), cover them in cobwebs (spiderweb), or paint squares on their face to make a pixelated Facebook photo.
  • Become a DIY master. Does your son love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Paint a disposable turkey pan green and voila! Instant Raphael shell. Is your daughter all about Pokemon Go? Dress her in a red shirt, white skirt, and black belt with a white craft paper circle over the buckle. Pokeball, go!
  • Recycle. Make use of last year’s costume by passing it down to a younger sibling, trading with the neighbors, or adding a few details to make a brand new costume.

Ready to show of your kids’ Halloween costumes in the cutest parade Belleville has ever seen? Don’t miss the Children’s Halloween Party on October 29th.

How to Break In New Roller-Skates

Your kid’s dreams have finally come true. This year, they sit, giddy with excitement, and tear into their final birthday present to reveal brand new roller skates. Unable to wait, they promptly toe off their shoes, stuff their feet in their skates, and hit the floor. And . . . they pinch. And squeeze. And rub blisters.

Did you invest in the wrong roller skates? Nope. Skates, like any other footwear, need to be broken in. Luckily Fun Spot has learned a few tricks for breaking in roller-skates over the years.

How to Break In Skates

  • stepping on nailsWear them. The best way to mold a roller-skate to your foot is to wear them often. Plan to skate several times a week this summer. The more you skate, the more comfortable your boots will become.
  • Condition them. Ever skate has its sore spots. If there’s one spot that’s really painful, apply leather conditioner to soften the leather. The spot should stop pinching after a session or two.
  • Lace ‘em right. Make sure you’re molding your skate to your foot instead of breaking down support by breaking them in using lacing tricks. How do you do it? Skip the top 2 holes and lace the ankle loosely. Skate 4-6 hours (that’s two or three $2 Tuesdays or two Saturday sessions), then skate with only the top hole undone. Repeat the process, then lace your skates all the way. This process prevents the leather around your ankle from cracking as you break in your skates.
  • Heat molding. A trick of the trade, heat molding involves baking your boot in a special skate oven. The heated skate then molds seamlessly to the shape of your foot. *Never place your boots in the oven at home. If you want to try heat molding at home, use a hairdryer and make sure not to over-heat the boot.

Roller-skating offers endless opportunities for summer fun in Belleville. For more information on buying roller-skates, call Fun Spot skating center or visit our pro shop.

Foot Pain

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Father/Daughter Skate is Back!

Fairy godmothers, wands at the ready! Your little princesses have a date with their dads, and they need to look their best. We have the enchanted carriage, the (roller) dance floor, and the party food. It’s up to you to get your daughter to Royal Enchanted Princess Ball with her knight in shining armor!

Royal Enchanted Princess Ball

girls in princess costumesWe celebrated Mother’s Day with a mother/son Star Wars Skate for the ages. Now Fun Spot helps Belleville families celebrate Father’s Day with a royal father/daughter skate event. We’re giving girls their happily ever afters with a day of adventures, ball gowns, and their very own dashing prince. After all, no knight can defeat dragons better than dad! Dress your daughters in their favorite princess gowns. Come decked out in tiaras, sparkling jewelry, and wands loaned from a fairy godmother, or check out our selection of toys and accessories and take the magic home with you. Are you ready for the 2nd annual Royal Enchanted Princess Ball? Here’s what you need to know:

  • The ball will take place Saturday, June 18th from 5-7pm
  • By royal decree, the event is open only to daughters and their dads. (You don’t have to be a dad to be a dad. Father figures are welcome to bring the little princesses who have enchanted their hearts!)
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance (get tickets to the Royal Enchanted Princess Ball online).
  • Tickets are $20 for dad and his first daughter. Additional princesses can attend for just $7.
  • There’s no extra cost for skate rentals.
  • Bring your cameras! Rapunzel will be at Fun Spot to make your best day ever even better!

Get your tickets before the clock strikes midnight! For more information, call Fun Spot skating center.


See You in the Purple Rain

prince purple rain skatePrince was more than an artist. He was an icon. A legend. Known for his psychedelic sound and attitude of acceptance, Prince reached legendary status in 1984 with his release of Purple Rain. In the course of his career, he earned 32 Grammy nominations, won seven Grammys (including two for Purple Rain), and won an Academy Award. In 2004, he was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. As the world remembers this remarkable man, we take a moment to celebrate his life, his music, and his love of roller-skating.

Prince and Roller Skating

What better way to remember a legend than by enjoying one of his favorite activities? Few people knew that Prince was a roller-skater, but those favored few were in for an experience. Questlove, the drummer for The Roots, has recounted the oddity of his experience skating with Prince.

“When I got back, Prince had the briefcase out on the floor. He clicked the lock and opened it, and took out the strangest, most singular pair of roller skates I had ever seen. They were clear skates that lit up, and the wheels sent a multicolored spark trail into your path.

“He took them out and did a big lap around the rink. Man. He could skate like he could sing.”

Purple Rain … A Tribute to Prince

Fun Spots invites you to page homage to one of the greatest musicians of our time. On Saturday, June 11th we’re hosting an adults only tribute to the man who brought us Purple Rain, Kiss, and so much more. This 10pm-1am skating session is a tribute to everything Prince was, from the music to the merriment to the color purple. Get your ticket in advance for just $10 (Prince-approved skates included) or get tickets, if available, at the door for $12. ID’s are required for admittance.

To learn more about special events at Fun Spot, call our Belleville skating center.

Wristband Fridays are Back!

If you’ve missed getting double the skating at no extra cost, you’re in for a treat. Wristband Fridays are back! We’re giving kids a chance to skate hard, play hard, and save their cold, hard cash. What do you need to know?

Wristband Fridays at Fun Spot

brightly colored wristbandsRemember last year’s Wristband Fridays? We spent a whole month living it up with twice the laughter, twice the fun, and twice the roller-skating. Wristband Fridays are back with extra fun for the end of school season. Every Friday Night we’re giving out wristbands with paid admission to the 7:30-10:30pm session. Our colorful wristbands are fun to show off, but that’s not all. Come back Saturday night and get in free! Kids with wristbands can skate the Saturday 7-10pm session at no additional cost. That means a whole weekend of roller-skating, family time, arcade games, catching up with friends, and Snack Bar breaks. Skate rentals are $2 or bring your own skates and roll Saturday away at no cost at all.

Family Fun in Belleville

Fun Spot has a shiny maple skating floor, controlled lights and sound, a pro skate shop, and a fully supervised facility. Whether you’re dropping off the kids for weekend fun or joining them for a night of family play, there’s no better place in Belleville for Friday and Saturday night fun.

Want to learn more about our summer skating sessions? Call Fun Spot skating center and keep an eye on the blog for info about upcoming events.

Colorful Wristbands

Quad vs. Inline Skates

quad and inline skatesRenting, buying, or starting your roller-skating journey? Before you start thinking about wheels and bearings, there’s a more basic roller-skating question: quad or inline? We’re fans of both at Fun Spot skating center. And it’s true that many skaters master both types of skates. But which kind is best for your next trip to the rink?

Quad Skates

  • Four wheels arranged in a box under the skater’s foot
  • Meant for indoor skating
  • Stable
  • Not supportive for the ankles
  • Harder to pick up speed

Inline Skates

  • Four or five wheels in a straight line under the boot
  • Good for skating outdoors
  • Wobbly, requiring more balance when learning to skate
  • Made of hard plastic that encases and supports the ankle
  • Made for exercise and speed

Quads vs. Inlines

While quad skates are the classic variety, many people have an easier time learning to skate on inlines, especially if they’ve spent any time at an ice skating rink. In the end the biggest difference between quad skates and inline skates is breaking. Quad skates have a toe stop, which many beginner skaters find easier to master than the heel brake you find on inline skates. If you’re not sure which type of skate you prefer, there’s an easy way to try them out: come skate at Fun Spot! We have both types of roller-skates available for rental, so you can try first one, then the other to see what you like better.

Ready to roll? Check out our weekly skating schedule and Belleville special events for summer. For more information, call Fun Spot skating center.

Quad vs. Inline

How to Be a More Polite Skater

There’s nothing better than lacing up your skates and hitting the rink for the afternoon. But it’s easy to forget that you’re not the only one having fun. Next time you hit the rink at Fun Spot, remember these skating etiquette tips to guarantee a great time for all.

8 Tips for Roller-Skating Etiquette

  • Stick to your lane. Beginner skaters like to hug the wall for support. If you’re surer on your skates, veer toward the middle to give newbie skaters plenty of room.
  • unhappy little girlGo with the flow. Never skate against the flow of traffic. That’s just asking for trouble!
  • Hit the brakes. If you’re skating so fast that you lose control, you could seriously injure another skater. Always make sure you can stop quickly if you needed to.
  • Break up with your friends. Skating with friends is all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Skating buddies are a great way to enjoy the rink, but skating with four people side-by-side is a recipe for disaster. Keep your groups to two sets of two. You can always meet up at the concession stand.
  • Keep your arms and legs safely inside your bubble. Nobody wants to get clipped by a stray elbow while they’re having fun with their family.
  • On your left! When passing close by another skater, always call out a warning.
  • Listen up. The DJ may have instructions you need to hear.
  • Pay attention. Just because you’re following the rules of the rink doesn’t mean everyone else is. Watch other skaters for sudden movements or changes in speed.

Now that the rules are out of the way, it’s time to play! Visit Fun Spot for Belleville family fun like the Mother/Son Star Wars Skate, Cosmic Skate, or weekly family skate events.

Unhappy Girl

Kickin’ It Old School-Retro Night

Fun Spot is kicking it old school! Roller-skating is one of those activities that comes with a flood of nostalgia. Whether you remember jam skating to disco tunes, rolling to Michael Jackson’s signature style, or breaking out the inline skates in the 90’s, we know skating holds a special place in your hearts. As we prepare for our 50th Anniversary this October, you can relive the glory days and give the kids new memories to cherish. Don’t miss Retro Skate at Fun Spot!

Retro Night

We’re paying homage to your favorite memories with a night of old school fun. Get the old gang together for the ultimate throwback night of skating, music, and great food. Want to live in the now? Gather the kids for a night of silly fun, old school tunes, and creating new memories.  Retro Night rolls into Fun Spot on Saturday, April 21 from 7-10pm. Admission is just $8. Bring your own classic skates or rent quad, inline, or speed skates at Fun Spot.

Celebrate Memories Old and New

Were you one of those kids who was always at the rink on Friday night? Was your first date at the local skating center? Did you love skating with your parents in elementary school? Bring it all back with Retro night! Fun Spot throwing back with old school tunes, old school snacks, and old school fun! Dress from your favorite era and win a change to go into our TIME MACHINE filled with tons of prizes!  Think you have the fastest time solving a rubik’s cube??  Bring it on!  Recreate your favorite skating snapshots with your friends and family. There’s plenty of nostalgia to go around.

Want to learn more about roller-skating events, Retro Night, and family fun in Belleville? Call Fun Spot skating center.

90’s Image