Can You Guess What’s in the Mystery Box???

Calling all super sleuths! We have a mystery that needs solving, a prize that needs winning, and some fun that needs having. Can you guess what’s in the Fun Spot Mystery Box??? Here’s how it works.

Friday Mystery Night

You know Fridays are full of fun at Fun Spot. Now they’re full of clues, too! Don’t miss Friday night skate sessions this November. Between 7:30 and 10:30, we’ll reveal another clue to what’s in the Mystery Box. We’re only sharing the clues at our Friday night sessions, so the more you skate, the better your chances of figuring it out and winning the grand prize!

Mystery Prize

girl with magnifying glassDon’t miss our epic reveal party on Friday, November 27th! Collect all the clues and put on your thinking caps. When you’re sure of your answer, it’s time to submit it and wait (we suggest you skate). When all the guesses are in, we’ll reveal the greatest detective of them all. Whoever solves the mystery wins the contents of Fun Spot’s Mystery Box!

Mystery Box Clue #1

Okay, okay, we’ll give you this one. Here’s the first clue to what’s in the mystery box:

Giving cool stuff away sounds like fun . . . It’s how we roll, this clue is done.

Don’t miss Friday skating sessions to collect each clue. Test your detective skills (and have fun with Black Friday activities) at our Mystery Box Reveal Party on Friday, November 27th. For more info on holiday skating sessions, call Fun Spot skating center.

Young Girl Image from FreeDigitalPhotos

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