“Took our daughter here for her 10th birthday party. The kids absolutely loved it!!! We had the glow party! It was AMAZING! Each child received a goody bag with items such as a glow necklace, neon hat and glasses that glowed with black light, and even a glow spoon to eat the cake and ice cream with!! The cake was delicious, and large enough for all the kids and the adults to eat and left enough to take some home!!!!! We received our own personal host that stayed with us and served the food, wrote down what gifts was received from whom, and cleaned everything up afterwards. It was so relaxing, that even the adults joined in the skating I would HIGHLY recommend this for an unforgettable, relaxing, low-stress party”!

“Great place to host a birthday party event. Loved the service and party package! My grandson really enjoyed himself and his guests did too”.

“Had so much fun at Lily’s birthday skating party and they did EVERYTHING for you!!! Most relaxed party we have ever had. Thanks to all the staff. They were great”!

“I booked a birthday party this weekend at Fun Spot and I booked the Illumination 3D party room. When they say “Fun Spot Rocks”, they really do! I have booked so many parties for my niece. This has been hands down the BEST party she has ever had. The staff was nice and friendly. The party hostess was phenomenal. You get party bags, pizza, soda, glow items, and a very nice size cake ALL included within your party package. You can’t beat that! I am just blown away by the outstanding service we received, and the quality of this party. Thank you so much Fun Spot. Kids and adults are still talking about how much fun they had. If you have never booked a party at Fun Spot for that special person in your life you definitely should. You will not be disappointed”.