Do-It Yourself Disney Villain Costumes

Unleash your inner villain! Fun Spot celebrates Halloween this year with a kid-friendly skate party for Disney’s foulest characters. Meet Maleficent, wreak havoc with Ursula, and take part in our very own Disney Villain Parade! Disney Villain Skate takes place Saturday, October 24th from 1-5pm.

DIY Disney Villain Costume

fun spot villain skateNot sure which evil mastermind will make the best costume? Here are 5 Disney Villain costume DIYs to transform your kids this Halloween.

  • Ursula. She’s big, she’s bold, and she’ll be at Fun Spot’s Halloween party. Does your daughter want to dress up like Ursula? We can’t blame her! Make her dream villain costume a reality. Tease her hair (think 80’s and then some), spray it with white wash-out dye, and complete the look with dark eyeshadow and red lipstick. Make a simple Ursula costume with a black dress, then hang 8 strips of flowy purple fabric from a belt for the tentacles. Round out the look with an evil cackle fit for a sea witch!
  • Gaston. Why should girls have all the fun? This handsome, egotistical villain has all the charm of a beast. Simply slick back your son’s hair (don’t forget the artful swoop!), dress him in black pants and a red top (for an extra buff effect, stuff his shirt with fake biceps and pecs), and add boots and a belt for flavor.
  • Cruella de Ville. She may not have magic, but if Cruella doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will. Make a DIY Cruella de Ville costume with a few simple items: red lipstick, red heels, a little black dress, and and a black and white fur coat. Want to really make an impression? Add a pair of red gloves and a stuffed dalmatian for the perfect Cruella costume!
  • Siamese cats. Not all villains are people. Want to dress your kids in matching costumes? Simply buy tan shirts and shorts, 2 pairs of dark brown knee socks (one for the hands, one for the feet), and tan cat ears. Put it all together and practice singing, “We are Siamese if you please.”

Looking for a festive, spooks-free Halloween party for the kids? You won’t want to miss Disney Villain Skate at Fun Spot skating center!

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