Earn Your Skating Badge!

The Fun Spot team fully supports getting kids active, educated, and having fun. We’re proud to partner with the Girl Scouts in Belleville and Swansea. The mission of our local Girl Scouts is to encourage girls “of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.” We’ve helped dozens of girls build community, encourage each other, and expand their horizons by welcoming the Girl Scouts into our skating facility.

Girl Scouts Roller-Skating Badge

girl scout badgesThe Girl Scouts award roller-skating badges for both inline and quad skating. Badges are awarded for physical mastery of roller-skates, multi-tasking abilities, awareness of skating etiquette, knowledge of skate parts and functions, and roller-skate maintenance. Roller-skating is a great way to teach practical knowledge, build team unity, and encourage an active lifestyle for girls. To earn a skating badge, girls must:

  1. Demonstrate first aid knowledge for all types of skating injuries, including: fractures, sprains, abrasions, lacerations, blisters, shock, heat reactions, and cardiac arrest.

  2. Complete all the requirements for ONE category of skating. These steps teach mastery of skating maneuvers, skating knowledge, and skating athletics.

Girl Scout Skating Retreats

Fun Spot happily partners with local Girl Scouts to teach girls physical and mental mastery of roller-skating. Troop leaders can reserve the rink for a private Girl Scout skating event. We’re happy to host educational skating sessions, Girl Scout fundraisers, or fun field trips for Belleville Girl Scouts. Teach the girls about teamwork with group competitions, encourage service by asking the girls to teach others to skate, and close out the day with a skating merit badge ceremony.

Call Fun Spot for more information on group skating events in Belleville.

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