Family-Friendly Frights for Halloween

superhero costumes at Halloween partyIs that a chill in the air? The Halloween season is creeping up behind us, bringing with it crazy costumes, spooky skating, and frightening family fun. Get ready for a Halloween like no other. We’re wrapping up National Roller-Skating Month with the Superhero and Princess Skate party and a special Skate and Dance Zombie Night. Fright Night is coming to Fun Spot!

Halloween Skate Events

Fun Spot skating center is diving into Halloween with two haunted skate events. If you love to skate, dance, and have a great time, make your mark on Skate of the Living Dead. Have younger kids who prefer party dresses and cowboy gear to torn clothes and zombie makeup? We’re giving kids a chance to test out their costumes on Saturday, October 25th for the Superheroes and Princesses Costume Contest. Both Halloween events will give exclusive prizes to Halloween skaters!

Roller-Skating Halloween Costumes

It’s the little details that make a costume memorable. Does your daughter want to add extra oomph to her Wonder Woman costume? Buy skating accessories in red, white, and blue. Does your son want to up the creep factor on his zombie costume? Drab up his roller-skates with washable paint, brown laces, or strips of ragged fabric. Just make sure to secure any additions so they don’t get tangled up in the wheels!

If you don’t own your own roller-skates, you can still free wheel your way to a cool Halloween costume. Take inspiration from the roller-disco era, black and white Charlin Chaplin movies, or your favorite roller-skating music video to make rented skates a part of your Halloween costume.

Put on your princess accessories and get those mummy costumes rolling. You won’t want to miss Halloween skating at Fun Spot!

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