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Whether you’re catching up with a loved one, celebrating a special occasion, or just goofing off, roller-skating is excellent exercise. It’s a low-impact, whole-body workout that improves cardiovascular health and – best of all – doesn’t even feel like fitness. Any way you roll, skating betters your body, but Fun Spot has a few extra tricks for getting fit on wheels.

4 Ways to Improve a Skating Workout

  1. skating fitness - roller derbySafety. The thickness of your thighs isn’t the only “fit” you should consider when going roller-skating. Reduce the risk of skating injuries and increase your maneuverability by making sure your skates fit properly before hitting the floor. If you’re hardcore about roller-skating fitness, buy your own skates and bring them to the rink to ensure the best fit.
  2. Maneuvers. Want to really get in shape? Improve your workout by changing up your direction. Weave back and forth to give your glutes, outer thighs, and obliques a better workout. Just make sure you pay attention to the safety of the other skaters on the floor.
  3. Whole-body fitness. Roller-skating doesn’t just exercise your legs. Skating builds muscles in the legs, glutes, core, and even arms. To increase your fitness while roller-skating pay attention to the rest of your body. Swing your arms in circular patterns, do skate squats to increase the benefits to your glutes, and increase your ab workout by leaning over to touch your fingertips to the opposing skate.
  4. Enjoyment. What’s the best way to get a great workout? Have fun with it! When you focus on fun instead of fitness, you exercise harder without even realizing it. Bring a friend and make memories or jam skate it out to your favorite top 40’s tunes. When your next workout rolls around, you might even find yourself looking forward to it!

Want more information on the health benefits of roller-skating? Call Fun Spot skating center in Belleville.

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