Happy Thanksgiving, Belleville!

happy turkey dayThere are a million things to be thankful for every day. Some of them are big — like our upcoming visit from Olaf! — and some small, like a quiet evening at home with friends. The Thanksgiving season reminds us to take a step back and appreciate all the blessings of our lives, big and small. It’s fitting that the week of Thanksgiving is also National Family Week. After all, there’s no richer blessing than time spent with family and friends! Whether your perfect Thanksgiving means treating your kids to a holiday celebration with their favorite Disney characters or relaxing in the comfort of your living room, we wish you a season of bounty and love.

Need a fun activity for visiting family, rambunctious kids, or adults who just need a break? Check out our holiday skating hours.

We wish everyone in Belleville a Happy Thanksgiving from Fun Spot skating center!

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