Holding Out for a Hero

Far above the skies of Belleville, painted in the clouds, is a sign. A call. Do you have what it takes to pick up the cape?

Your city needs you.

Calling All Superheroes

retro superheroDon’t miss this opportunity to show off your strength, skills, and sweet skating moves at the Fun Spot Superhero Skate on Friday, July 24th. Belleville’s best and brightest are teaming up to fight the city’s villains through the power of fun. Intimidate your foes into surrender as you dominate our hot dog eating contest, engage in a friendly arm wrestling match with your fellow superheroes, and wipe the floor with the competition at our flash dance-off.

Fun Spot Superhero Skate

Super strength isn’t the only way to make a name for yourself at Fun Spot’s Supehero Skate. Don’t miss:

  • Our superhero costume contest
  • Capes and masks on sale
  • A special appearance by FunSpot Man!
  • Super Nachos, Super Hot Dogs, and Superhero Bombpops on sale at the Snack Bar

Capes Welcome!

Show off your superhero style and soon the city will be screaming your name. The night’s Best Dressed Superhero will win a trip into the Money Machine! Dress up like a classic caped crusader, show off more modern duds as a villain-turned-superhero, or introduce a brand new hero by inventing your own costume and superhero backstory. As long as you fight for truth, justice, and the American way, you can win the heart of the people!

What do you do when the villains are all in jail? Check Fun Spot’s Facebook page for daily updates on special summer skate events!

Superhero Image from FreeDigitalPhotos

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