How to Break In New Roller-Skates

Your kid’s dreams have finally come true. This year, they sit, giddy with excitement, and tear into their final birthday present to reveal brand new roller skates. Unable to wait, they promptly toe off their shoes, stuff their feet in their skates, and hit the floor. And . . . they pinch. And squeeze. And rub blisters.

Did you invest in the wrong roller skates? Nope. Skates, like any other footwear, need to be broken in. Luckily Fun Spot has learned a few tricks for breaking in roller-skates over the years.

How to Break In Skates

  • stepping on nailsWear them. The best way to mold a roller-skate to your foot is to wear them often. Plan to skate several times a week this summer. The more you skate, the more comfortable your boots will become.
  • Condition them. Ever skate has its sore spots. If there’s one spot that’s really painful, apply leather conditioner to soften the leather. The spot should stop pinching after a session or two.
  • Lace ‘em right. Make sure you’re molding your skate to your foot instead of breaking down support by breaking them in using lacing tricks. How do you do it? Skip the top 2 holes and lace the ankle loosely. Skate 4-6 hours (that’s two or three $2 Tuesdays or two Saturday sessions), then skate with only the top hole undone. Repeat the process, then lace your skates all the way. This process prevents the leather around your ankle from cracking as you break in your skates.
  • Heat molding. A trick of the trade, heat molding involves baking your boot in a special skate oven. The heated skate then molds seamlessly to the shape of your foot. *Never place your boots in the oven at home. If you want to try heat molding at home, use a hairdryer and make sure not to over-heat the boot.

Roller-skating offers endless opportunities for summer fun in Belleville. For more information on buying roller-skates, call Fun Spot skating center or visit our pro shop.

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