How to Buy Roller-Skates for Your Kids

Are you looking for that perfect Christmas present for a kid you love? That gift that’s quality but not too expensive, fun without being flashy, and promises fun for years to come? Whether you’re shopping for your son, your granddaughter, or that special family friend, roller-skates make the perfect Christmas present for kids of all ages. Not sure where to get started? We can help!

How to Buy Roller-Skates

  1. Decide why to buy. Are you getting an elementary student his first pair of skates? Are you updating a ratty old pair for your free-wheelin’ teen? Or helping your spouse relive your first date with a pair of retro quad skates? When you know why you’re buying skates, it’s easy to choose which pair you need. We sell skates for comfort, safety, performance, and speed. Pick your most important qualification and we’ll help you choose the rest!

  2. dart roller-skate colorsPick your colors. Once you’ve gotten the base taken care of, it’s time for the fun stuff. Our skates are easy to personalize, so whether you want Ridelle skates in lime green or Viper inlines in bright purple, you can find the colors and styles to suit your needs. Add a little extra pizzaz with sparkle laces and glow wheels, or special order artwork for your roller-skates.

  3. Cash in on savings. Our skates are on sale this Christmas! Take advantage of our special pricing to get roller skates and skating accessories at a steal. Want a stocking stuffer to go with your Christmas gift? Buy a Fun Spot Rocks Value Pass! That’s 10 roller-skating sessions (a $70 value) for just $40!

We stock skates in every size and style, so whether you’re shopping for kids, teens, or adults, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. If not, we’re happy to help you find sweet savings in our Christmas skate catalogue!

Roll out your Christmas list and get ready to check off gifts for your favorite kids. Fun Spot has the best skates, skating accessories, and holiday prices in Belleville!

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