How to Find the Perfect Skates

Fun Spot offers a great selection of high quality skate rentals that we clean and maintain on a regular basis. Kids and adults can rent quad skates, inline skates, speed skates, or jam skates for any skating session. But sometimes rentals aren’t enough. What do you do when you decide to buy?

3 Reasons to Buy Roller-Skates

  1. roller-skatesThey’re designed for you. When you buy your own roller-skates, you’re able to determine how much speed, maneuverability, and support you want out of your boots and bearings. If you’re looking for an easy way to up your skating game, purchasing a pair of skates will take your skills to the next level.
  2. They fit better. Just like any shoe, roller-skates form to your foot over time. We keep our rental skates in great shape, but rental boots will never fit as well as your own skates. A boot molded to your foot allows for greater comfort, speed, and mobility while you skate at our weekly summer matinees, evening skate sessions, and special events.
  3. They save money. If you love skating as much as we do, roller-skates are a great investment. A new pair of roller-skates will pay for themselves in just one summer of roller-skating!

How to Buy Roller-Skates

  • Visit Fun Spot’s pro shop or click through our online catalogue
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions to find the right wheels, bearings, and boots
  • Try out rentals of the skate you want to buy
  • Don’t be afraid to customize your skates based on comfort, skill level, and your favorite type of skating

Ready to roll? Buy your own skates and start moving more freely! For more information on buying roller-skates in Belleville, call Fun Spot skating center.

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