How to Improve a Roller-Skating Workout

Roller-skating is great exercise, whether you’re zipping around the rink with your kids or rolling slow at a couples’ skate. For people searching for a great Belleville workout, Fun Spot is inexpensive, fun, and effective. Maximize your roller-skating workout with these tips from your favorite skating center.

How to Improve a Skating Workout

  1. DJ turnstyleRequest a song. Studies show that exercising to a song you love helps to improve strength and extend energy. Get rolling by requesting your favorite summer hit from the DJ!
  2. Switch it up. Skating in circles can burn up to 350 calories per hour, even if you’re not skating hard. Imagine what good you could do for your body if you introduce intervals! Try speed skating a loop then slow skating a loop to get your heart rate up. If you’re looking for a harder challenge, try zig-zags, skate squats, or take part in a Fun Spot limbo game. Just remember: safety first on the skating floor!
  3. Move your arms. Roller-skating is great for your legs, glutes, obliques, and core. Get your arms in on the action by swinging them while you skate. Want to really improve your workout? Try carrying 1-2 lb weights in each hand and doing bicep curls while you roll.
  4. Stay hydrated. Not only does drinking a lot of water keep your energy up, it keeps your body healthy. If you’re flagging during your weekly skating exercise, reenergize with a healthy snack and a big glass of water at our snack bar.

Ready to roll? Check out our summer hours and special skating events. For more information, call Fun Spot skating center.

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