How to Make the Most of Fun Spot’s Annual Skate Sale

What’s the best kind of Christmas gift? The kind that’s as useful as it is fun! Roller-skates don’t just make kids happy (although who could deny those smiles?), they also encourage kids to spend time with friends, stay active, and work hard to master new skills. Want a gift your child will still love by next Christmas? Put a new pair of roller-skates under the tree this year!

Are Roller-Skates the Right Buy?

Skates are a great gift for any age, from toddlers to grandparents who want a fun way to stay active. Whether you’re shopping for a new skater, an experienced sport skater, or someone in between, we have the skates you need to light up their holiday. Ask yourself these questions:

  • white roller skatesDo they have skates already?
  • If not, what kind of skate would they like? Quad, inline, speed skates, jam skates, or artistic skates?
  • If so, do their skates need replacing?
  • What fun skate accessories would make a good stocking stuffer?

Christmas Skate Sale

Buying your child roller-skates isn’t just an investment in future fun—it will also save you money in the long run. You can bring your own skates to Fun Spot, which saves you money on rentals and gives your child a better fitting skate. We know you have a lot of people on your Christmas list this year. We’re making it easy to find the perfect gift with our annual Christmas Skate Sale. We’re marking down every skate in stock for the holidays. At Fun Spot, we sell inline skates, quad skates, and specialty skates from top-notch brands like Riedell and RC Sports. Just make sure you make your purchase before December 19th. Otherwise they won’t arrive in time for Christmas!

For more information on holiday family fun, skate sales, and other specials, call Fun Spot in Belleville.

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