In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Help us, Fun Spot skating center. You’re our only hope.

Remember the days when your little boy would crawl up on your lap, throw his arms around your neck, and beg for a cuddle? For many moms, those days feel like they’re from a galaxy far, far away. But starships and adventures aren’t just for the men in our lives. Reconnect with your little Jedi at an even you’ll both love: our first ever Mother/Son Star Wars Skate.

Star Wars Mother and Son Skate

mother and sons Whether you love Luke, Leia, or the grin on your son’s face when he talks about Stormtroopers, you won’t want to miss Star Wars Skate. It’s Fun Spot’s first event just for moms and their boys. And just in time for Mother’s Day weekend! On Saturday, May 7th, you and your son can blast off in the Millennium Falcon into a world of light and dark, Stormtroopers and rebels, princesses and Jedis (and a few who are a bit of both). Skate with Chewie and a Stormtrooper, or bring your camera and get a picture! Here’s the plan:

  • Arrive on time for maximum fun (Star Wars Skate is from 5-7pm)
  • Bring $20 for a Mom and Son pair (and $7 for each additional son)
  • Don’t sweat rentals – they’re included in the price of admission
  • Watch your son train to defend the galaxy at Jedi Training Camp (with tips for mastering the force from Yoda himself!)
  • Win prizes in the Asteroid Hunt game
  • Enjoy special deals on lightsabers and Yoda Soda in the snack bar

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Mother and Sons

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