It’s Our Favorite Time of the Year!

Let’s be real: we don’t need an excuse to celebrate roller skating. Skating is all about fun, friends, and fitness, and Fun Spot celebrates it year-round. But there’s something special about enjoying your favorite activity with the rest of the country. October is National Roller Skating month, and Fun Spot can’t wait to celebrate! How can you get involved?

4 Ways to Enjoy National Roller Skating Month

  1. Roll into skate fitness. Can’t get motivated to go to the gym? No problem! Roller skating isn’t just a fun family activity; it’s also a great way to exercise! Teach your family the value of physical activity with weekly skating sessions this fall. Skating burns calories, increases cardiovascular health, improves balance, and builds muscles in the legs, glutes, abs, obliques, and even arms. Keep your family healthy with a nutritious diet and regular exercise at Fun Spot.
  2. skate rentalsGet your head in the game. Skating isn’t just about rolling around in circles. Skaters have adapted a variety of games and competitions for their favorite activity. Get competitive with roller-skating games like Red Light, Green Light; roller-skating limbo; skate relay races; and jam skate dance contests. The competition is fierce at Fun Spot!
  3. Enjoy special events. Skate and Dance, Halloween costume contests, and 3D Glow Events are just the beginning. Check out our Special Events calendar for the latest and greatest events at Fun Spot.
  4. Celebrate the season. Whether you’re celebrating a church harvest festival, a Halloween party for your school, or an October birthday, there’s no better place to party than Fun Spot skating center! Book your party online or call for more information on special celebrations like the 3D Glow Party.

Do you love skating as much as we do? Share in the fun, the friends, the great food, and the top 40’s tunes at Fun Spot this October.

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