It’s Time for the Toilet Paper Olympics!

Ok, we all love Friday Night Skate and Dance. The music, the energy, and the endless laughter are every bit of fun as watching our friends come up with funky dance moves. So where can you get the same energy times a billion? We have an idea . . . Get ready, Belleville teens, The Toilet Paper Olympics are coming to Fun Spot!

T.P. the Night Away

Ready for a classic night of mischief and mayhem? The Toilet Paper Olympic Games roll into Fun Spot on Friday, April 24th. Skate from 7:30-10pm, then pack up your wheels and unroll a few rolls; the real fun begins at 10! We’ve got games, a mummy competition, and one simple mission: white out Fun Spot!

  • 7:30-10:30pm
  • $7 admission
  • $2 skate rental

Bring Your Favorite Brand

ID-10040025Are you ready to paper the town white? Time to stock up on T.P.! Fun Spot will supply the toilet paper for all the games at the Toilet Paper Olympics. Bring your own for the Mummy Contest and T.P. Fun Spot madness, or buy toilet paper at the rink for just 50 cents per roll.

The Toilet Paper Olympic Games

Get your rear in gear! The Toilet Paper Olympics are more than a T.P. free-for-all. Dominate the competition and make some new frenemies when the clock strikes 10. Here’s a hint at the fun to come:

  • The Northern Roll
  • The Charmin Shot Put
  • Heinie Scoots
  • Mummy Contest

They don’t call us Fun Spot for nothing. Get ready for a night you’ll never forget (or get grounded for)! For more information on spring skating events, call Fun Spot skating center in Belleville.

photo from flickr

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