Last Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween Skating Parties

anna and elsa - Halloween partyNo matter how well you plan, holidays tend to arrive before you’re ready for them. If you find yourself without the time, energy, or funds to create a killer Halloween costume this year, you may feel like that family that gives away fruit instead of candy. But you can make a statement – and steal a few costume contest prizes – without buying a new costume this year. Wow your friends at Skate of the Living Dead with a clever costume that doesn’t cost a dime.

3 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Retro costumes are easy if you have a parent’s closet to raid. Deck yourself head to toe in denim for a 90’s costume in a flash or strap a fanny pack to any outfit to make a nerdy tourist costume.
  2. Pun costumes are simple, effective, and best of all, fun. Reuse animal ears from an old costume and carry around a thermometer for a “bird flu,” “swine flu,” or “fill-in-the-blank flu” costume that takes minutes to make. Other quick ideas: the Iron Chef (an iron and a chef’s hat), a ceiling fan (pom poms and a shirt that says “I love ceiling”), or a Ginger Bread man (red hair and a loaf of bread).
  3. Lazy costumes are surprisingly effective at Halloween parties. Simply scribble “404 Error: Costume Not Found” onto an old t-shirt and you’re good to go. Don’t want to ruin a t-shirt? Cut out a green diamond, glue it to a headband, and live it up at Skate of the Living Dead as a Sims character.

Fun Spot is giving away special prizes during our Halloween Skate and Dance party. If you come dressed to impress, you could win a free pair of roller-skates, a month of free skating for two, or a Fun Spot Rocks value card in our Halloween giveaway! Call Fun Spot skating center to learn more about our frightfully fun Halloween skate events.

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