Let Jesus Take Your Wheels

Just because it’s wholesome doesn’t mean it’s not a whole lotta fun! Plan a church night out your congregation will never forget with a private party at Fun Spot skating center.

Youth Night Out

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There’s no better outreach program than a night of good, clean fun! Fun Spot skating center is a safe, supervised environment where kids can come together and share their hearts. Book the rink for a private youth group skating party, or make it an outreach event by inviting teens from the community. Encourage your youth group to invite their classmates to a free night of roller-skating. Ask younger kids in the church community to bring their older siblings skating for the night. You can skate, play, laugh, and see what the Lord has in store for you!

Leadership Team Building

Too often we let our leadership events get bogged down in endless to-do lists. Put the soul back in your church leadership team with a night of fun and fellowship. When you book a private party at Fun Spot, you can make the night whatever you want! Bookend the evening with team prayer, turn on the Christian tunes, and get rolling! Glide around the skating floor, try to beat each others’ best times in The Vault laser maze, or set up a friendly skating competition! You’ll leave the night enriched, closer than ever to your brothers and sisters in the church.

Fundraising Fun

Whether you’re planning to expand your sanctuary, send the church’s youth on an overseas mission trip, or enrich your ministry with leadership seminars, sooner or later you’ll have to throw a fundraiser. And lets be honest: how many bake sales can you really have? Put away that 10lb bag of flour and do church fundraising the easy way. When you rent the rink for a private fundraiser, you can set any admission price you want. We’ll keep the price of a private party, and you keep the rest. No muss, no fuss, and no flour on your fine china.

Call Fun Spot skating center to learn more about private parties in Belleville.

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