Lighting Up the End of Summer

It’s not all fun and games for the Fun Spot skating team. Our days are filled with hosting birthday parties, helping kids skate, and . . . okay, it’s mostly fun and games. Check out the end of summer fun we’ve had around Belleville!

promoting fun spot birthdays

The team at Fun Spot loves any opportunity to give back to the community. At the recent “Back Pack to School” expo we were able to share information about Fun Spot’s skating parties, display our latest roller-skates, and give away hundreds of fully loaded backpacks to kids in the community. We hope to see firsthand how much they loved the free school gear at one of our back-to-school skating sessions this fall.

fun spot highlighter partyIt’s not a party until something glows in the dark! We had a blast at our Highlighter skate party at the end of July. Kids, teens, and parents went all out with crisp white, neon, and glow-in-the-dark clothing for our end of summer GLOW event. We gave prizes for the brightest ensembles, offered highlighters so kids could sign tees, and lit up the rink with black lights, neon lights, and glow accessories from the Fun Spot Hot Spot.


highlighter party kidsSad to see the end of summer? Don’t fret! Fun Spot is filling our calendar with Back to School skate events, our fall skating schedule, and plenty of private skating parties. Learn about fall events at Fun Spot on Facebook and our weekly blog, or call our Belleville skating center for more details.


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