Mark Your Calendars for Adult Night Skating

Let’s face it, being an adult can be a drag. Sometimes you need to get your roll on in order to get through the week. Those of you lucky enough to live in Belleville have the opportunity to do just that at the much acclaimed Fun Spot Skating Center.

three female friendsStarting January 4th, every Wednesday night will be adult skate night at Fun Spot. From 8-11 p.m. the 18+ crowd can enjoy a night of free wheeling fun on the classic maple wood rink. What better way for you to vanquish the mid-week stress than by strapping on some roller skates and going for a spin? With the DJ blasting the best skating music from yesterday and today, soon you’ll be on the fast track toward fun.

With a snack bar that is home to some of the tastiest pizza in Belleville, adult skate night at Fun Spot is certain to become your favorite mid-week ritual. Imagine the fun that you and a group of friends can have in the carefree environment that only a skating rink like Fun Spot can provide. Better still, make it a date night and relive your glory days with your significant other. Whether you’re 18, 38, or 78 — adult skate night will bring out the inner kid in you.

Just in case you need further incentive to take a spin next adult skate night, remember that roller-skating is good for your health. It’s comparable to jogging when it comes to burning calories.

Fun, laughs and a little exercise for the 18+ crowd — that’s what adult skate night at the Fun Spot Skating Center in Belleville is all about.

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