Summer Splash Beach Bash

There’s still time to make a splash this summer! Throw on your beach bum clothes and hit the rink. Fun Spot is hosting two hot beach parties on Friday, August 14th!

Two Chances to Make a Splash!

flip flops on the beachWish you could have fun in the sun without ending up drenched in sweat? Now you can! Fun Spot’s beach parties will have all the snacks, beach games, and summer skating you’d find at the beach with none of the finding-sand-in-uncomfortable-places. Enjoy the same great fun at two summer fun beach bashes. We’re offering matinee fun for kids with early bedtimes, with a full afternoon of skating and party games at our 1-4pm session. Then it’s time for the middle school and high school crowd. Our 7:30-10:30pm Friday night Beach Party is safe and full of fun for older kids in Belleville.

Summer Fun Beach Party

On August 14th Fun Spot has a new look, a new way to play, and a new dress code! Play your favorite beach games and win cool prizes. Indoor beach games include:

  • Beach ball tag
  • Hula Hoop Contest
  • Frisbee Corner Game

We invite all guests to kick back and cool off in their best beach clothes. To keep the atmosphere laid back and comfortable for everyone, no swimsuits are allowed. Show off your best board shorts, your cutest sundresses, and your coziest summer tees for a day of fun out of the sun.

Ready to make a splash? Mark your calendar for Fun’s Spot Beach Parties on Friday, August 14th.

Beach Pic from FreeDigitalPhotos

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