The Fun Kind of Fitness

family roller-skatingParents are always searching for ways to keep their families healthy, but it’s easier said than done. Healthy food never tastes as good as candy, exercise can be boring, and the weather never cooperates with family fitness plans. Instead of sending your kids outside while you get bored on the treadmill, take advantage of family fitness that’s fun. In May we celebrated National Physical Fitness and Sports Month; keep moving this June by bringing your family roller-skating at Fun Spot skating center.

3 Health Benefits of Roller-Skating

  1. Roller-skating provides aerobic exercise. Instead of getting fit through boring, solitary exercises, help the whole family get healthy with roller-skating. According to the National Heart Association, roller-skating is just as aerobically affective as jogging, swimming, or cycling. An hour of moderate skating burns around 330 calories for an average sized person. If you skate hard, that number rockets up to almost 600 calories burned each hour! Roller-skating promotes your cardiovascular health while you strengthen your muscles and burn calories.
  2. It’s a low-impact workout. Roller-skating exercises a wide range of muscle groups: your calves, thighs, and glutes, your arms and chest, and your core. But unlike running, hiking, or engaging in competitive sports, roller-skating is a low-impact exercise for your joints. Help your family get fit without damaging their joints with high-impact cardio workouts.
  3. Skating is a family-friendly exercise. Roller-skating is an excellent way to get the family moving, mostly because it’s so fun. Our real maple skating floor is safe, clean, and supervised at all times. Skate with your younger kids while your preteens zip ahead. Everyone can get a fun, effective workout at their own pace, and you’ll never have to lose sight of your kids.

Want to learn more about the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise? Call Fun Spot roller-skating center in Belleville, Illinois.

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