The Health Benefits of Roller Skating

Roller skating

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An age old question…is roller skating good for your health? Of course it is. At Fun Spot, we know roller skating can help improve your endurance, strength and more, so we want to share what we know with you! This blog breaks down the health benefits just a few of the benefits of roller skating. Check them out.  

Health Benefits of Roller Skating

Get your heart going. – Even at a moderate rate, roller skating can greatly impact your cardiovascular health. Roller Skating International says the aerobic workout provided by roller skating equals that provided by running once your speed reaches 10 mph or more. Roller skating is also known to cause less stress on your joints than running.

Strengthen your legs. – According to, roller skating can strengthen your legs and lower body. When roller skating, your thighs, calf, hip and butt muscles work together to propel you forward.

Weight loss – Where ever you have exercise, you usually have weight loss, right? Right. According to Roller Skating International, roller skating helps encourage weight loss by burning calories and by toning muscles.

These are just a few ways that roller skating can improve your health. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater, you can guarantee to get a meaningful workout every time you lace up your skates.

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