Throw an Unforgettable Birthday Party

glow birthday partyWith all the holiday hubbub, kids with fall birthdays sometimes feel left out of the birthday experience. Events like Skate of the Living Dead are great for Belleville teens, but the best birthdays put the focus on the kid of honor. If your child is tired of being outshone by Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas parties, here are 3 ways to throw the best fall birthday party.

  1. Pick a theme. Some kids spend their whole lives excited about sharing a birthday month with Halloween. Others get tired of costumes and candy pretty quickly. (Well, okay, maybe not the candy.) If you have a child with an October or November birthday, make sure to pick a doubly unique birthday party theme. Throwback to roller-skating’s heyday with an awesome 80’s party, bring your child’s favorite movie to life with themed goody bags, or keep it simple by nixing the spooky decor and sticking to party streamers. If your child loves Halloween, find little ways to make their birthday memorable like letting them pick the best costume at their party.

  2. Plan your activities. Skating parties make it easy to keep kids entertained without spending weeks planning a party. For added fun, buy each party guest admission to The Vault laser maze and see who can beat the birthday kid’s score. When you throw a birthday party at Fun Spot, you can also skate in relay races, play in the arcade, and shop for skating accessories at the skate shop.

  3. Think about the details. If your kid feels left out of the traditional birthday experience, the best way to make him feel special is to get the details right. Instead of buying your son a new video game, buy him his own roller-skates. Choose an Illuminationz skating party for glow room fun, or make your daughter feel truly special with a semi-private birthday party. And don’t forget to snap plenty of pictures!

Ready to book a birthday party at Fun Spot? Learn more about our skating party options and call us to reserve your slot.

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