Throw the Best-Ever Birthday Bash

glow party at fun spotA child’s birthday party is full of its own stresses and rewards. Planning a birthday party with only one or two parents to supervise a gaggle of excited five, seven, or eleven year olds is just as daunting as arranging the invitations, food and drinks, and gifts. At Fun Spot skating center, we take away all the hassle of birthday party planning. When parents choose from our selection of skating parties, they get a guarantee that the basics (and extra supervision) are covered. Since we cover the entertainment, snacks, and cleanup, parents can focus 100% on throwing a birthday party their child will love.

4 Birthday Party Must-Dos

  1. Wait until your child is old enough. Two year olds may love cake and presents with the family, but most child development experts recommend waiting until age 4 or 5 to throw an birthday party with more than 10 guests.
  2. Make a guest list. Too many guests will make younger children feel overwhelmed, but too few many leave them feeling bored. At Fun Spot, an Illuminationz, Ultimate, or Fun roller-skating birthday party includes ten guests. Add extra guests for an additional fee or book a semi-private party and send up to 40 invitations.
  3. Arrange games. Fun Spot birthday parties include roller-skating, arcade games, and a trip to “The Vault” laser maze for the birthday child. Keep distractible younger kids entertained by planning a few table games or asking the Fun Spot staff about skating competitions.
  4. Buy goody bags. Whether you choose the complimentary party favor bags that come with our Ultimate Party and our Illuminationz Party, or you prefer to send the kids home with home made gift bags, kids love free baubles and candy. Make your child’s birthday an event to remember with treats, games, and glow accessories from our shop.

When you book a birthday at Fun Spot, we’ve got the hard stuff covered. Simply show up with your favorite birthday kid and enjoy the fun.

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