Tips for Your First Skating Lesson

Another round of skating lessons start on Saturday, April 9th. Our 6 week skating lesson course helps kids, teens, and adults learn the basics of roller-skating, from safety and balance to maneuverability and speed. Master your wheels in no time with these tips for your first skating lesson.

Tips for a Successful Skating Lesson

  1. kid wearing dad's shoesDress right. Want to get more out of your skating lessons? It’s all about the outfit. You won’t master your skates if you’re wearing constrictive clothing, clothes that catch, or uncomfortable accessories. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes or stretchy workout gear to make the most of your skating lesson.
  2. Arrive early. Our skating lessons take place Saturdays from 10-11am. That doesn’t mean you should roll into the rink at 9:59. Arrive 10-15 minutes early. Give yourself time to check in, try out your free rental skates, and get settled before the lesson begins.
  3. Listen up. It’s easy to get ahead of the instructor, but she’s in charge for a reason. Listen to all safety information, basic skating tips, and personalized instruction your instructor gives throughout the lesson.
  4. Be honest. There’s no need to be embarrassed if you’re struggling to keep up. The instructor is there to help you out (and trust us, the other skaters are in the same boat). Let the instructor know if you’re having trouble mastering a skating technique. He’ll give you individualized instruction to help you succeed.
  5. Have fun. You’ll never become a pro skater if you dread lacing up. Think of all the family skating sessions, birthday parties, and holiday events you can take part in once you gain control of your skates. Find a buddy or skate solo. Just have a blast!

Take control of your wheels. Sign up for skating lessons at Fun Spot skating center.

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