We’re Fools for April Fun!

April Fool’s Day may be just around the corner, but family fun skates are no joke. We’re strapping on our skates for another month of fun, games, and fitness. What events roll into Fun Spot this month? Mark your calendars for April Fool’s Skate, Reunion Skate, and Cosmic Skate.

April Fool’s Skate

Everyone’s fair game on April Fool’s Day. Trust no one and let the pranks begin! This Friday, April 1st skating gets tricky for kids in Bellville. From 7:30-10:30pm you’ll have to dodge mischief from friends, family, and the Fun Spot jester. Be a fool and win a prize or win a trip into the Party Machine, which we’ve stocked will valuable prizes just for the occasion. Sound like a good time? Unleash your inner prankster and let the fun begin!

Reunion Skate

retro dance partyBreak out those landlines and call the 1997 crew . . . Reunion Skate is almost here! Party like you’re in high school again! We’re rolling back the years with throwback skating songs, fun games, and plenty of your favorite snacks. See if you can fit into your old disco duds or fish out a neon scrunchie from that box you swore you’d never reopen. Want to really embarrass your kids? Bring them along and show ‘em how you roll! Reunion Skate is open to all ages. Roll into retro fun on Sunday, April 3rd from 6-9pm.

Cosmic Skate

You think you’ve glimpsed the universe? Get ready to blast off into a world unlike anything you’ve ever seen! We’re taking our glow party into a whole new galaxy with Cosmic Skate on Friday, April 22nd. Get ready for:

  • Blackout skating
  • Glow everything!
  • Atmospheric fog effects
  • Glow skates
  • Glow-in-the-dark skating games
  • Cosmic Bingo
  • Exclusive deals on glow toys and accessories
  • A trip to the party machine for the most out-of-this-world neon glow skater!

Learn more about roller-skating in Belleville. Call Fun Spot skating center.

Retro Night

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